Dealzmodo: RadioShack Selling Samsung Instinct For $100 During Labor…

If you are interested in getting your hands on a Samsung Instinct, RadioShack has announced that they will be offering an exclusive $100 price on the phone to celebrate its launch across their 4,400 stores. The Instinct is easily Sprint's best phone, but it is available only to new Sprint users who sign up for a… » 8/28/08 6:30pm 8/28/08 6:30pm

Sprint Instinct Application Updates Go Live

If you're rolling with the Instinct, you might have already noticed your applications prompting you for an update. If they haven't yet, they will soon. Some of the app improvements include a less sucky browsing experience on Yahoo, Hotmail, Best Buy and YouTube; faster, more responsive Sprint TV/radio; performance… » 8/15/08 7:30pm 8/15/08 7:30pm

Sprint Instinct Firmware Update Fixes Bugs, Paves Path for Feature…

Sprint's best phone, the Instinct got a little bit better today with a firmware update that patches some sniggles. No new features, but this update apparently lubes it up for a big one next month that'll drop in changes to the browser (dear god, make it better), Sprint Nav, TV, Picture Mail-and pretty much everything… » 7/30/08 6:29pm 7/30/08 6:29pm

Put the Instinct in a YouTube Clip, Sprint Will Give You $20

Clever social marketing or desperate ploy for viral popularity? Sprint's offering $20 to the first 1,000 people to feature the Instinct in a YouTube clip, while the Grand Prize Winner will pick up a sweet $10,000. The official rules will be released on Monday when the contest, appropriately called "Sell Out," kicks… » 6/24/08 12:45pm 6/24/08 12:45pm

Current Sprint Customers Get First Dibs on Instinct

In that same speech he revealed WiMax's commercial launch date, Sprint CEO Dan Hesse mentioned that current customers will have first crack at the Instinct, the hottest phone they've got (with an equally hot price), as a way of showing that "Sprint, from now on, will place our current customers first." So arbitrary… » 6/18/08 10:00pm 6/18/08 10:00pm

Sprint's Samsung Instinct Now Costs $199 After Rebate

We previously heard that the Samsung Instinct was going to be $299 after rebate on Sprint-not too bad a price for what we said was the best Sprint and best Samsung phone ever. Turns out the iPhone 3G's $199 reveal sent Sprint back to their abacuses, which they used diligently to come up with an extra $100 mail-in… » 6/11/08 7:36pm 6/11/08 7:36pm

Sprint Instinct Requires $70-a-Month Simply Everything Data Plan

While someone interested in finger-flicking Sprint's Instinct iPhone-foe when it launches June 20 would probably want a hearty data plan to get the most out of it, Sprint's going a step further and making you get one: Its lowest-end Simply Everything plan at $69.99 a month, which comes with unlimited web, email, GPS… » 5/30/08 7:01pm 5/30/08 7:01pm

Sprint Licenses Visual Voicemail, Can Use It Without Being Sued

When I groped Sprint's Instinct at CTIA and was flipping through the features, one of the reps made sure to show me visual voicemail—a necessity for any device taking on the iPhone. Apparently, he didn't just mean visual voicemail in the generic sense, it's the real, patented deal, licensed from Klausner—who's… » 4/07/08 1:55pm 4/07/08 1:55pm

Sprint's Samsung Instinct: At Last, a Decent iPhone Competitor

Samsung's Instinct may be the best stab at the coveted title of iPhone killah this CTIA. The 3.1-inch touchscreen phone has localized haptic feedback, plus three hard navigation keys. If it sounds familiar, it's because we've seen versions of it before, but only in Korea. Mind you, this is not the LG Prada-ripoff… » 4/01/08 12:00pm 4/01/08 12:00pm