$20,000 Spy Camera Disguised as Garbage Thrown Out With The Trash

A spy camera hidden in a black bag beside a notorious UK "fly-tipping" (or illegal waste dumping in the King's English) hot spot was recently thrown out by local workers with the other garbage. Apparently, this operation was so top secret that the workers in question did not need to know the details before being sent… »7/01/08 6:40pm7/01/08 6:40pm

Pennycam Captures Convenience Store Thieves, Penny Pinchers

I know how it is with you man-you see that "Take-a-Penny, Leave-a-Penny" tray and it is all "take, take, take!" Well your days of penny pinching are over now that SteathVue has developed their Pennycam. What they have done is to embed a security camera inside the tray that relays upward angled video to a DVR using a… »6/23/08 5:40pm6/23/08 5:40pm

Surveillance Camera Software Blurs the Faces of the Innocent

Advanced video surveillance cameras that discreetly examine each face or vehicle that comes into frame are becoming more commonplace in big cities and large corporations. These cameras are equipped with intelligence algorithms that can distinguish the face, vehicle or license plate of a wanted criminal and alert… »6/02/08 5:00pm6/02/08 5:00pm

CAM-007 Touted as "Worlds Smallest Camcorder, Spycam"

While I cannot definitively confirm that the CAM-007 is the world's smallest commercial camcorder spycam (see exhibit A and exhibit B), the self-contained device does clock in at a minuscule 0.3"x0.9"x0.5" and it boasts a fairly impressive feature set that includes both audio and video recording, MPEG-4 3 GP at 15fps,… »11/06/07 9:40pm11/06/07 9:40pm

Security Camcorder Clock: Motion Activated, Only Records Fast Sex By Default

Although this Security Camcorder Clock won't transmit video over power lines and is not water-proof like the WiLife Spy Cam, it can be activated when it detects any movement to record 320 x 240 pixel full motion video files AVI files. Then, these files can be transferred to your computer using the included USB cable. »5/02/07 8:00am5/02/07 8:00am