DARPA Documents Reveal Plans For Advanced Video Spying Tech

Real-time videos that detect the most minute movements in enemy battle areas and advanced analytical systems that will efficiently sift through them are all in the works, according to DARPA documents. A $6.7 million contract with software company Kitware revealed a DARPA project focused on rapidly indexing archived… »10/20/08 10:45pm10/20/08 10:45pm

Minox Spy Camera Goes Digital, Still Tiny Enough to Please Q

Spy-technology aficionados will know about Minox's miniature camera and it's genuine espionage heritage, and now the camera's gone all modern with a digital face lift. A 5-megapixel sensor's been plopped into the Digital SpyCam, which remains tiny at just 3 and 3/8 x 1 and 3/16 x 7/8-inches and weighing in at 2.1… »10/20/08 5:02am10/20/08 5:02am

DelFly Micro Dragonfly Is Smallest Creepy Autonomous Spybot Yet

We told you the tiny DelFly II robotic dragonfly spy cam was just the beginning, and we were right. The same Dutch roboticist is now unveiling the DelFly Micro-with a wingspan of just 10cm and a weight of 3.07 grams, it's the first to be smaller than an actual real-life dragonfly. Granted, the dragonfly being used for… »7/23/08 7:20pm7/23/08 7:20pm

Spy Camera Hidden in a Book Could Use a Better Book to Hide In

As if you needed yet another household object to hide a spy cam in, here's a book camera. It hides a pinhole camera and microphone and can record video for you to check out from afar. The only problem? It'll cost you over $1,300, which is more than some therapy to get you over your addiction to peeping would set you… »12/11/07 6:30pm12/11/07 6:30pm

A Camera in an Alarm Clock? I See No Sleazy Uses For That.

If you've been dying to make some "home movies" with your significant other in the bedroom but keep getting shut down because she doesn't trust you to not put them on the internet (and really, why should she? You probably will.), the only thing to do is make videos without her knowledge. I mean, that's what any loving… »2/09/07 10:47am2/09/07 10:47am