Mobile payments provider Square has apparently filed confidential paperwork for an initial public of

Mobile payments provider Square has apparently filed confidential paperwork for an initial public offering. This could give the company the additional capital it needs to build out new initiatives, including a wireless device that accepts payments from Apple Pay. Learn more at Bloomberg. »7/25/15 2:30pm7/25/15 2:30pm

Square's New Food Delivery App Wants to Eat Seamless' Lunch

Seamless changed the way we order food. And now Square wants to change it all over again with Caviar, a premium courier service for restaurant deliveries that's finally going nationwide—and mobile. The Caviar app just came out, and it basically lets you order food from all the restaurants that aren't on Seamless. »12/04/14 10:21am12/04/14 10:21am

A Square Filtering Water Bottle You Can Easily Clean From Both Ends

Four years ago the Clean Bottle arrived with a true innovation: a removable cap on either end that made it incredibly easy to properly clean. A few years later an upgraded version called the Square arrived that swapped curves for a rectangular design that wouldn't roll away if dropped. And now its creators are… »11/13/14 5:00pm11/13/14 5:00pm

The Poynt Smart Terminal Is Like a Swiss Army Knife for Payments

The Poynt Smart Terminal is like a one-size-fits-all payments system. It has an NFC antenna, a magnetic swipe reader, a Bluetooth antenna, a QR code reader, a printer for receipts, and even an Android tablet to boot. So not matter how the future of payments pans out, you'll be able to get your dang cup of coffee. »10/29/14 10:57am10/29/14 10:57am

Square's New Reader Works With the Smart Credit Cards of the Future

Magnetic strips are an outdated credit card tech. In the future, we'll hopefully all be on chip-based smart credit cards that help prevent fraud. To that end, Square's got plans to push out a new version of its mobile credit card reader that can read the EMV smart cards that will be adopted by banks like Chase and… »7/30/14 9:24am7/30/14 9:24am

Square Card-Swiping iPhone Case Puts a Cash Register in Your Pocket

Square, the pay-by-smartphone credit card swiper, just announced Works With Square, a program encouraging partners to build accessories to go with the payment ecosystem. First to launch is Griffin's Merchant Case + Square Reader, an iPhone case that incorporates the Square reader in both swiping and storage positions. »1/05/14 12:27pm1/05/14 12:27pm

Panhandlers Would Be Far More Successful If They Accepted Square Payments

The problem with being a panhandler in this day and age—besides, you know, possibly being homeless—is that people don't carry coins or cash as much as they used to. It's easier to shrug off someone asking for change when you don't actually have any to give, so maybe it's time for panhandlers to start accepting… »3/27/13 3:04pm3/27/13 3:04pm