Square Card-Swiping iPhone Case Puts a Cash Register in Your Pocket

Square, the pay-by-smartphone credit card swiper, just announced Works With Square, a program encouraging partners to build accessories to go with the payment ecosystem. First to launch is Griffin's Merchant Case + Square Reader, an iPhone case that incorporates the Square reader in both swiping and storage positions. » 1/05/14 12:27pm 1/05/14 12:27pm

Panhandlers Would Be Far More Successful If They Accepted Square…

The problem with being a panhandler in this day and age—besides, you know, possibly being homeless—is that people don't carry coins or cash as much as they used to. It's easier to shrug off someone asking for change when you don't actually have any to give, so maybe it's time for panhandlers to start accepting credit… » 3/27/13 3:04pm 3/27/13 3:04pm

Wanna Pay for Things Using Square's Smartphone App? Here's Every…

Square Wallet—formerly Pay With Square; formerly Square Card Case; formerly something else probably—is a platform agnostic alternative to Google Wallet, Apple Passbook and, soon, Microsoft Wallet. It allows you to pay for goods using only your phone. But knowing which businesses actually support this… » 10/03/12 10:51am 10/03/12 10:51am

Mobile Payments Are About to Become Standardized. Really Good or…

Mobile payments are a mess. Mostly because every single carrier is trying to set up its own payment platform and squeeze everyone else out. The Electronic Transactions Association has announced the Mobile Payments Committee, which should put some order to the chaos. » 8/09/12 6:40pm 8/09/12 6:40pm

Will You 'Pay With Square?'

With the big push behind Pay With Square (including the recent addition of deals), the announcement of Apple's Passbook, and the looming mobile payment war, digital wallets are about to rise up in a big way. But without NFC, I just don't see myself using any of them. Do any of you use 'Pay With Square' now? (Or do you… » 6/26/12 3:20pm 6/26/12 3:20pm