Square Enix Making Final Fantasy Based iPhone Game

Square Enix, the famed Japanese publisher behind all 3,000 Final Fantasy games, is hard at work on Crystal Defenders, a new game for the iPhone based on the FF universe. It'll be a "defense simulation" game that utilizes the touchscreen, so I'm guessing it'll have more in common with Final Fantasy Tactics than Final… » 10/30/08 10:15am 10/30/08 10:15am

Song Summoner is Square Enix's Song-Based RPG

Square Enix has just made an iPod-not iPhone-game called Song Summoner that takes the songs stored in your library and makes soldiers out of them. The gameplay is very much Final Fantasy Tactics, which is turn-based, and you control your guys with the click wheel. Out today at $4.99 for RPG and music fans everywhere. [ » 7/08/08 11:23am 7/08/08 11:23am