The skin of a squid is basically a magic material

The skin of a squid is basically a magic material that can change colors as they expand and contract. PBS Deep Look calls them tiny water balloons filled with pigment and it’s pretty much their strongest (only?) defense mechanism in the open waters. They can change how iridescent their skin is and mimic how sunlight… »9/10/15 8:35pm9/10/15 8:35pm


Here's How a 13-Foot Wide Egg Mass Fits Inside a 5-Foot Squid

On July 9th of this year, divers off the coast of Turkey ran across an enormous lump of gelatinous goo which turned out to be one of the largest squid egg masses ever found. That inspired science writer and squid expert Danna Staaf to make this video explaining how all that goo fit inside a much smaller mother squid. »7/31/15 2:09pm7/31/15 2:09pm

Video: The breathtaking star-like beauty of a giant squid giving birth

If you ever wondered what a giant squid giving birth looks like (why would you think about that?), just look up at the night sky one day. Because watching a female squid lay eggs looks stunningly celestial. Watch as she lays thousands of eggs in the ocean that seem to glow underwater like she’s giving birth to stars. »6/15/15 10:35am6/15/15 10:35am

If Squids Ruled Earth, What Would Their Cars Be Like?

It’s a question a child might ask, but not a childish question. Sure, right now, we mammalian primates are calling all the shots here on Earth, but what if things had gone otherwise? We know that cephalopods like Squid and Octopi are really smart — what if they were the dominant life? And, more importantly, what would… »5/08/15 3:14pm5/08/15 3:14pm