This outstanding photo shows the future we once dreamed of—and lost

This incredible photo of a SR-71 Blackbird being refueled in mid-air was taken by Sgt. P.A. Tubridy in 1988. It was the symbol of the United States' military power. It was the symbol of the country's incredible technological prowess. Now, it represents the future that we used to dream of—and make. A future that feels… » 12/30/13 11:51am 12/30/13 11:51am

This is the amazing Lockheed Martin SR-72—the space Blackbird

Aviation Week's Guy Norris has an exclusive article on the successor for the Lockheed Martin SR-71 Blackbird, the legendary spy plane that may be the favorite of every airplane nerd in the world. The hypersonic SR-72 is the first aircraft that can fit perfectly in Star Wars or Galactica, a true space age ship. » 11/01/13 10:27am 11/01/13 10:27am

The Most Badass Plane Ever Had An Equally Awesome Flight Suit

At the height of the Cold War, if you wanted a peek behind the Iron Curtain, it had to be a birds's eye view from 63,000 feet—above the reach of Soviet SAM batteries. And to fly that high, America's elite SR-71 pilots had to wear the most advanced flight suits this side of the Apollo program. » 4/12/13 1:30pm 4/12/13 1:30pm

Holy Crap—Look at All These SR-71 Blackbirds Together!

Like Richard Gottardo says: this image reaches a "maximum amount of awesomeness." Eleven! Lockheed Martin SR-71 Blackbirds—perhaps the the most exhilarating piece of flying titanium ever to touch the sky along with the Oxcart A-12—"posing" together. » 10/10/12 9:00pm 10/10/12 9:00pm

In April 1986, following an attack on American soldiers in a…

What It's Like To Fly A Top-Secret Spy Plane: A Live Conversation With…

The SR-71 Blackbird remains an icon of American aerospace engineering to this day. Its speed and operating ceiling are unrivaled. However, it did not simply spring forth fully-formed from the head of "Kelly" Johnson—it spent years in development as the A-12 Oxcart being flown by an elite group of Air Force pilots.… » 6/28/12 11:30am 6/28/12 11:30am