SR-71 Blackbird pilot explains how the cockpit works from the inside

Last Friday you saw the SR-71 Blackbird cockpit in glorious ultra-HD. Veteran Blackbird pilot Richard Graham explains how the cockpit actually works in this fascinating video filmed inside the cockpit. Lots of technical words, but seeing him moving around inside that tight cockpit is really cool. »11/17/14 10:46am11/17/14 10:46am


Secret A-12 Spy Plane Officially Unveiled at CIA's Headquarters, No X-Men Found Inside

This is the A-12, a supersonic spy plane that was the precursor of the SR-71 —and according to the CIA, even while they look similar, in some ways it was more advanced than the famous Blackbird. It's one of 10 planes that survived the 15-plane OXCART program, one of which is in the USS Intrepid in Manhattan. This one… »9/21/07 5:30am9/21/07 5:30am