Shaky Hands Should Download the Steadycam Pro iPhone 4 App

Like attaching a pair of trainer-wheels to your bike, Steadycam Pro stabilizes recording video so you get a neater, less-wobbly result. How does it de-shake your videos? With the use of algorithms, but that's all developer Midnox is letting on. Do check out the video for a look at how much magic the app contains,… » 4/05/11 11:40am 4/05/11 11:40am

Camera Stabilizing Bag Stabilizes, Transports

In another convenient tale of convergence, this camera bag can also serve as a stabilizer for DSLR cameras. Yank out the camera, fill up the bag with rocks/sand/etc to keep it weighed down and plop the camera on it. Okay, it is a bit pointless besides keeping your camera from touching the dirty ground, but you suckers… » 2/19/07 11:15am 2/19/07 11:15am