Make Over Your Living Room, OS X Leopard Style

Looking to add a unique personal touch to your living space? I see plenty of sports fans decking out a room with team colors and accessories—so why can't Apple fanboys do the same? First off you need to add a little flair to that boring old couch with the OS X dock pillow set pictured above. Unfortunately, the design… » 1/17/08 5:05pm 1/17/08 5:05pm

Make Your Leopard Stacks Purdy With Some Fancy Icon Overlays

If you are a Leopard owner that felt stack icons were a tad un-sexy or unclear, help is on the way in the form of overlays that place your stacks into clean looking "bins." A simple terminal command will allow you implement the 18 custom icons in the original downloadable pack. However, if you want to make your own… » 11/16/07 6:33pm 11/16/07 6:33pm