Video: How the stainless steel Apple Watch is made (in Mordor)

Apple has a video showing off how it makes the stainless steel Apple Watch and it looks a lot like they're using Tolkien magic to make the watch's case inside Mount Doom in Mordor. You get to see glimpses of the entire process, from the alloy they use to seeing the molten stages and cold forging and milling and… » 3/09/15 8:27pm 3/09/15 8:27pm

Making Your Own Pen Is So Beautiful It Might Be Worth It

Things I've considered making on my own: a computer, a coffee table, a treehouse, mayonnaise and a few other things. Things I've never considered making on my own: toilet paper, socks, phones and pens. But maybe I should reconsider that last one. Making your own pen is such a beautiful process of machinery porn that… » 5/04/13 1:00am 5/04/13 1:00am

Zilopop Sucks Away Bad Breath With Stainless Steel

This Zilopop supposedly rids your breath of weird smells by going into your mouth for two minutes. Does anyone have the science on this? Sounds and smells odd to us. In comparison, our Bongo rubs a stainless steel bar after he cuts "onions and things like that." Not to rid his hands of the stench, but because he has a… » 10/15/07 5:00pm 10/15/07 5:00pm

Stealth Stainless Steel Keyboard: Looks Badass, Costs a Ton

I'm telling you, trackballs are all the rage. This keyboard is ridiculously expensive at $1,200, but it is stainless steel, has a MacBook style keyboard and best of all—a freaking sweet integrated trackball! Yes! Twelve hundos is well worth it if I can get a trackball integrated into a stainless steel keyboard. » 9/22/06 11:27am 9/22/06 11:27am