Six Tools to Deal with That Pesky Stalker Secret Admirer*

Yesterday, I received an arrangement of balloons from a new secret admirer. It was a uniquely flattering and completely-not-creepy-at-all-don't-kill-me-I-loved-it experience. But it got me thinking: Since we've provided you with all the tools you need to be really, really creepy, (not that the balloons were that!)… » 10/28/11 5:00pm 10/28/11 5:00pm

This Stripper Broke Into Google Headquarters

Strippers are people too! And just like people, some of them are batshit crazy. Take Vera Svechina, a stripper who recently followed a blind Google employee into Google headquarters to leave a Russian book and "non-threatening" note for co-founders Sergey Brin and Larry Page. A little weird, no? Turns out, Svechina… » 4/20/11 6:25pm 4/20/11 6:25pm

Facebook ‘Breakup Notifier’ Makes Facebook Stalking Easy

The big problem with Facebook stalking is that it takes so much work. Which is why we're so excited for "Breakup Notifier," programmer Dan Loewenherz's new Facebook app for the lazy stalker. Just sign into the app with your Facebook account and choose a group of "taken" friends. Now, whenever those friends change… » 2/21/11 12:36pm 2/21/11 12:36pm