Nest and Friends Are Giving the Internet of Things a Fresh Start

A consortium of companies just announced a new wireless networking protocol for the home called Thread. It's designed to help build low-power, wireless mesh networks so that devices can seamlessly connect to form a true internet of things. In a way, Thread promises to create little mini internet for your home. »7/15/14 12:42pm7/15/14 12:42pm

Film Industry Wants to Set a Standard For 3D Viewing at Home

The Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers, the folks behind such innovations as the color bar test pattern, want to codify a standard for watching 3D content in home theaters. They're casting the net wide to include all possible sources and displays, from over-the-air broadcast to DVDs and Blu-ray. Ars… »7/22/08 11:45am7/22/08 11:45am