The Only Excuse For Having a Desk Phone in This Day and Age

You probably ditched your home phone years ago, but odds are there's still a landline phone sitting on your desk at work. As satisfying as it is to slam down a handset to drive home a point, it's time to upgrade. And Native Union will help you transition to using your smartphone all the time with its lovely POP Desk… »9/18/13 3:20pm9/18/13 3:20pm


Let's Hope This Beautiful Leather iPhone Sleeve Gets an Upgrade This Week

It's as functional as it is simple, but if you have any intentions of upgrading your iPhone in the very near future, you're unfortunately going to want to pass on Evouni's lovely leather sleeve stand. All evidence points to the next-generation iPhone being taller than the current model, which means this sleeve will… »9/10/12 2:00pm9/10/12 2:00pm

Boost Your iPad's Ego With This Laser Cut Cherry Wood Stand

There are plenty of nice iPad stands—the flashy Joule, say, or the utilitarian Compass—but there's nothing wrong with wanting to see a little wood grain behind your tablet's sleek metal lines. This gorgeous iPad stand from Etsy user Ideasinwood is laser cut from Pennsylvania cherry, inlaid with a nice floral design,… »3/11/11 9:13am3/11/11 9:13am