11 Nostalgic Gifts For The Lumbersexual Outdoorsman

Many new things suddenly look old again. Especially outdoors, where many brands have been resurrecting the simple designs and bold colors of the 1970s and 1980s and applied them to modern technology. Here's 11 gifts that look old, but work like new. » 12/18/14 11:33am 12/18/14 11:33am

Proof That Even A Screwdriver Becomes Obsolete

Stanley Works has been making hand tools in New Britain, Connecticut, since the middle of the 19th century. Some time in the 20th, the company came up with this terrible screwdriver. It has a handle with rigid, jagged plastic edges that gouge your palms at every inch-pound of torque. Yet the handle is somehow always… » 5/06/12 2:00pm 5/06/12 2:00pm

I've Got 99 Black Chrome Stanley Sockets, But a Ratchet Ain't One

It's more than one! There're also sockets for wrenches too, in this massive Stanley tool-case that's been done over in luxuriously-sharp black chrome. It's only $87 over at Amazon. [Amazon via Werd] » 2/24/11 7:40am 2/24/11 7:40am

All Power Plugs Should Be Like the Stanley Safety Socket

For years only deep fryers and Apple laptops have had breakaway cords. Stanley's new Safety Socket adds breakaway protection to anything with a power plug. Expect it within the month for something like twenty bucks. [StanleyTools.com] » 1/06/11 7:00pm 1/06/11 7:00pm

A Bit of Genius Design Perfects the Common Tape Measure

Anyone who's had to measure anything with a tape measure knows the annoyance of losing your grip because of that infuriatingly small hook. So why not make the hook bigger? Why did it take so long to think of this? » 10/25/10 9:00pm 10/25/10 9:00pm

Stanley/Brando Watch Has a Built in LED Flashlight

Joining it's brethren the compass, tape measure and calculator-ruler watch is this flashlight watch. Is it an official Stanley gadget? I dunno. But I still find it inspired: all watches should have built-in LED flashlights. » 12/30/09 5:40am 12/30/09 5:40am

Stanley Brings out a Pair of Watches, One of them Strange

Ah, Brando. The soft "ping" in my inbox that heralds yet another slice of pedestrian weirdness from everyone's favorite purveyor of odds 'n' sods. And today's offering was no different: a pair of watches from toolmaker Stanley. One sports a 16-position compass, but it's the other one that got me all excited—a… » 10/05/07 9:09am 10/05/07 9:09am

CRT Killer: Stanley FUBAR Demolition Tool

I have a friend...no, a friend of a friend, who hates CRT monitors, TVs, you name it. If it has a cathode ray tube inside, this "friend" goes rabid and reaches for the nearest power tool to give it a proper decontruction and retirement. The FUBAR by Stanley, is the perfect tool for such a job. It's formed around a… » 9/05/06 7:39pm 9/05/06 7:39pm