HP's 3-Megapixel Elite Auto Focus Webcam Looks Like a Fancy Stapler

HP's Elite Auto Focus Webcam not only boasts one of the highest megapixel video counts we've seen (3-megapixels), but it's also got a 12-megapixel still image sensor for regular pics. It comes with the stapler-like stand, but you can also clip it onto a monitor for more of an eye-level view. There's AIM, Windows Live… » 3/31/08 4:45pm 3/31/08 4:45pm

Dinosaur Skull or Staple Remover? You Decide

This family of crazy staple removers and other office implements are by New York designer Jac Zagoory, crafted of pewter and certain to elicit raised eyebrows and quizzical looks around the office. What the heck is that skull doing on your desk? The purpose of the lion, gorilla and gator you'll see in the gallery… » 10/23/07 2:45pm 10/23/07 2:45pm