A Printer You Won't Hate for Just $65

If you’re sick of fighting with unreliable ink-guzzling home printers, I can’t recommend mono laser printers highly enough. You give up the ability to print in color, but you get toner cartridges that will last until the heat death of the universe, and sheets that fly out at over 21 ppm. »5/12/15 7:15pm5/12/15 7:15pm

This Table Isn't Complete Until You Decorate It With—Staples?

As the number of documents you actually need to print diminishes year by year, you're probably finding that you don't use office accessories as quickly. Like staples, which are all but useless without stacks of paper to bind. But designer Nilly Mozer has come up with another way to use them up: A lovely clear table… »1/16/14 1:40pm1/16/14 1:40pm

All the Black Friday Deals

It's the biggest shopping day of the year. There are tons of deals—and not-really-deals—out there. So we combed through every one we could find, and ranked them all. Here's your Ultimate Black Friday guide: happy hunting. »11/23/11 9:45am11/23/11 9:45am

Deals are grouped by category, just like our daily Dealzmodo lists. So you'll find ebook… »11/23/11 9:45am11/23/11 9:45am

Stampler: The Stapler and the Stamp Had an Adorable Baby

Attaching pieces of paper together is pretty humdrum as far as office activities go, but what if your every staple could be magically transformed into a day-brightening Smiley Face stamp? For £12.00, that's just what the Stampler, an ingenious new stapler and stamp hybrid, will do! Well, that's what it hopes to do.… »4/05/11 9:20am4/05/11 9:20am

Staples Website Requires Internet Explorer 4.0, Thank You Very Much

Trying to buy something from the Staples website? I hope you're using the latest and greatest internet technologies to do so, because it is cutting edge »9/19/08 2:20pm9/19/08 2:20pm. In fact, you need Internet Explorer to handle its incredible shopping-related features. Namely, their super-futuristic custom envelope creator, which gives you the…

Staples to Start Selling Self-Destructing DVDs, Didn't Get the Memo

The tech world is full of inherently terrible ideas, but one especially bad one that just won't seem to die is the idea that people want to buy DVDs that will self-destruct in a couple of days. Beyond the fact that the entire concept is a giant kick to the balls of the environment, it's an idea that consumers have… »6/02/08 11:21am6/02/08 11:21am

Afternoon News: Boffins Galore, Spectrum Auction, Rock, Paper, Scissors and More

• Joining the other boffins we've discussed today is this Indian boffin, who invented a flying carpet by attaching a powerful motor to a thin sheet of fabric. By the way, we have not used the word "boffin" on this site since 2004. Boffin! [Wired]
• The FCC announced the participants in the 700MHz spectrum auction. If… »12/19/07 3:59pm12/19/07 3:59pm