Simon Pegg Has a Canonical Explanation For Why Sulu Is Gay in the New Star Trek Universe

We’ve covered the news that the Sulu of Star Trek Beyond is gay, and the arguments on both sides. But here’s something a bit different—tucked into a second response addressing George Takei’s disappointment, co-writer Simon Pegg has shared his explanation for this change, given that the movie timeline only diverged…

Simon Pegg Responds to George Takei: Adding a New Gay Character to Star Trek Would Have Been Worse

It’s been a bit of a rollercoaster ever since the news that Hikaru Sulu, the character originally portrayed by George Takei in the original Star Trek show and played in the current movies by John Cho, would be gay in Star Trek Beyond. And now, the writer of the film, Simon Pegg, has his say.


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The Kirk vs. Picard debate will wage on in internet forums for centuries to come, but you can settle it at home by gathering your friends around a table and going head-to-head with Star Trek Risk. It pits your favorite Starfleet captains against each other including Kirk, Picard, Sisko, and Janeway. Jonathan Archer is…

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Greetings, my special self-adhesive stamps! In this week’s mailbag, we’ve got questions about whether the new Star Trek TV series will do more thinking than shooting, if The Force Awakens will get a director’s cut, and where all Marvel’s sidekicks went. Also, you see that question in the headline above? The answer is…