10 Things That Star Trek Got Right (That Have Never Been Copied)

This year is the 50th anniversary of Star Trek, and even after five decades there has never been another series like Gene Roddenberry’s brainchild. We’ve had plenty of spaceship shows since 1966, but some things about Trek remained unique. Here are 10 Star Trek achievements that nobody else managed to pull off.

Here's What We Can Piece Together About the Plot of Star Trek Beyond From the Trailer

The Star Trek Beyond trailer is full of beam-outs, fight scenes and explosions. But what does it mean? We went through it frame by frame, trying to figure out just what kind of mess Kirk and the rest of the Enterprise crew have gotten themselves into. Here’s our detailed gif-and-screencap breakdown!

That Time Ronald Reagan Visited Star Trek: The Next Generation And Took The Captain's Chair

Ronald Reagan was a fan of Star Trek—and even a critic of it sometimes. In his diary he talks about watching Star Trek III in the White House theater and how he thought it sucked. In his post-presidential years apparently this interest in the franchise continued, and in 1991 he visited the then-highly popular Next…