Adam Savage Just Revealed A Really Cool The Force Awakens Detail To Us

When we caught up with Adam Savage at San Diego Comic Con, he was excited to talk about all things Star Wars. For one thing, he’s got a special Star Wars episode of MythBusters coming up. For another, though, he visited the set of The Force Awakens, and saw something really, really cool. »7/21/15 5:11pm7/21/15 5:11pm


Help Come Up With a Better Star Wars Title Than "The Force Awakens"

In a tweet heard 'round the galaxy, the title of Star Wars Episode VII was revealed to be the somewhat gratifying but also quite puzzling The Force Awakens. Just because J.J. Abrams slapped some space words together doesn't mean we can't do better. The internet is already putting its best ideas forward. »11/07/14 1:00pm11/07/14 1:00pm

Someone Animated Patton Oswalt's Epic Star Wars/Avengers Mashup Rant

Not too long ago, Patton Oswalt riffed on his idea for a great plot for the upcoming Star Wars: Episode VII film on Parks and Recreation. Now, it's got a whole bunch of..."digital effects" that turn it into the film we all deserve. It's alright JJ, we've got this one on lock. But thanks for throwing your hat in the… »5/18/13 2:46pm5/18/13 2:46pm

This Portrait of Old Star Wars Actors Should Be the Movie Poster for Star Wars Episode VII

Since it's pretty much an open secret that the old cast members of the original Star Wars trilogy are coming back for the next movie, this portrait of them at their current age should absolutely be the next movie poster for Episode VII. Hand painted by artist Adam Schickling, the portrait captures our favorite heroes… »3/27/13 9:30pm3/27/13 9:30pm