Star Wars Flashers Use The Force (i.e., Flashing, Spinning Heads) to Alert You to Calls

Always had something against Darth Vader and his many Stormtrooper cronies? Why not denigrate them to the lowest forms of consumer electronics by decapitating their shrunken heads and turning those into nifty Star Wars phone flashers? Now if you're in a way-too-noisy cantina, or if you're phone is on silent, the head… » 9/18/08 10:10pm 9/18/08 10:10pm

LED Flashlight Lightsaber Whooshes to Life, Shines Bright Blue Light

Though we're still galaxies away from having real » 8/23/08 1:15pm 8/23/08 1:15pm lightsabers, the wonderful people in charge of Star Wars merchandising has given us the next best thing-LED flash light lightsabers. The Star Wars Lightsaber LED torch is a full size replica lightsaber handle which makes that whooshing noise when you turn it on and…