This Is What a Philippe Starck-Designed Prefab House Looks Like

Noted Designer of Things Philippe Starck has tried his hand at jazzing up an item that's normally associated with near-violent levels of efficiency: pre-fabricated housing. » 10/23/14 10:40pm 10/23/14 10:40pm

Philippe Starck's Open Source Furniture Lets You Try Your Hand at Design

In somewhat of a departure for the lofty French designer, Philipe Starck's new range of furniture is produced in collaboration with a company called TOG—which prides itself on making all of its designs open source. » 4/08/14 10:20am 4/08/14 10:20am

Parrot's New Headphones Are Mighty Purty

I bet you're looking at these ZIK Parrot by Starck cans and thinking how hot they are. Hey! Eyes up here, buddy. Don't be shallow. They're packed tight with some very cool tech, but yes, they are begging to be stroked. » 1/10/12 10:02am 1/10/12 10:02am

Modular Shower Lets You Arrange Your Bath Gadgets Like Building Blocks

This designer-friendly shower kit is for people who really like squares. The simple, elegant 5x5 modules can be arranged freely and serve several functions, including thermostat, speaker, volume and diverter controls, showerhead, lighting and shelving. » 5/19/09 8:00pm 5/19/09 8:00pm

Phillipe Starck's Zikmu Parrot Wi-Fi iPod Speakers Are Even Prettier in…

These Parrots stand at attention, (Monsieur Starck looking on), wirelessly bumping with an iPod perched on top. They're beautiful, but wait until you see the box that brings them to your mansion's loading dock. » 1/09/09 4:01pm 1/09/09 4:01pm

Democratic Ecology: Philippe Starck's Cheap Designer Wind Turbine For…

Famous designer Philippe Starck recently revealed he felt a certain shame that all the things he'd designed were not essential for living. This turbine, which he designed with the help of generator company Pramac, can theoretically provide a single home with 20-60% of all the electricity it needs. The name, which… » 7/02/08 4:30pm 7/02/08 4:30pm

Super-Designer Philippe Starck At TED

Philippe Starck is the super designer of many Gizmodo fetish pieces, including watches, lamps, toothbrushes, toilet brushes, and soon, spaceports like Virgin's in New Mexico. In this recently released TED video, he goes on and on for 18-minute video about design. He brushes up against the different kinds of… » 12/06/07 9:04pm 12/06/07 9:04pm

Philippe Starck Rolls Out Wild-Looking Watches With Cantilevered Faces

We're always a sucker for designer Philippe Starck's latest creations, and here's a couple of watches he adds to his Fossil collection that have a strange cantilevered look we haven't seen before. Check out those hands, placed on that hanging face at an odd angle, making them look positively peculiar. Well, what would… » 8/17/07 3:20pm 8/17/07 3:20pm

Starck Veiled Watch Tricks Your Eyes

If you like famed designer Philippe Starck, you won't be able to resist his latest creation, the Veiled Watch. Its electroplated crystal looks so much like the band that it's hard to tell where one stops and the other begins. First appearing to be merely a stainless steel bracelet, if you look carefully you can see… » 7/10/07 1:32pm 7/10/07 1:32pm

Starck Watch for Fossil: O-Ring Digi Has a Doughnut Hole

That kooky designer Phillipe Starck (or S+arck, for the hoity-toity) is at it again for Fossil Watches, designing another sculpture you wear on your wrist that will tell the time only to those who know how it works. » 11/27/06 3:48pm 11/27/06 3:48pm

Starck Smart Clock, the Key to the Universe?

Do you wake up to the sounds of your local morning zoo radio program? Hate the over-affected voice of the host? Why not get a real alarm clock, like this Starck Smart Clock and be done with it already? » 6/15/06 11:59am 6/15/06 11:59am