Democratic Ecology: Philippe Starck's Cheap Designer Wind Turbine For Your Home

Famous designer Philippe Starck recently revealed he felt a certain shame that all the things he'd designed were not essential for living. This turbine, which he designed with the help of generator company Pramac, can theoretically provide a single home with 20-60% of all the electricity it needs. The name, which… »7/02/08 4:30pm7/02/08 4:30pm

Philippe Starck Rolls Out Wild-Looking Watches With Cantilevered Faces

We're always a sucker for designer Philippe Starck's latest creations, and here's a couple of watches he adds to his Fossil collection that have a strange cantilevered look we haven't seen before. Check out those hands, placed on that hanging face at an odd angle, making them look positively peculiar. Well, what would… »8/17/07 3:20pm8/17/07 3:20pm