What's the Best Graphics Card for StarCraft II?

The gang over at TechSpot loaded up the newly-released StarCraft II on what seems like a hundred different PC setups to determine what the best hardware setup for the insanely popular real-time strategy game is. Here are the results: » 7/29/10 6:20pm 7/29/10 6:20pm

Now Available

This is the roundup of all the products we posted about before they were available to buy. However, these shiny new commodities have currently become... wait for it... Now Available! » 6/23/10 4:40pm 6/23/10 4:40pm

Razer's Official Starcraft II Gear: Star-crafty

Razer could've slapped the Starcraft II logo on a bunch of standard PC gaming gear and walked straight to the bank to collect. They didn't, it seems. » 6/16/10 11:22pm 6/16/10 11:22pm

This Week's Gaming Stories You Cannot Miss

Starcraft 2 is in beta and the impressions are rolling in. Aliens Vs. Predator has been reviewed. And the next Civilization game has a new, hexagonal combat system. Prepare for an information injection of painful (OK, slightly discomforting) proportions. » 2/19/10 9:20pm 2/19/10 9:20pm