Spock And The Motorola StarTac

My buddy Scott is this big time photographer who shoots all sorts of famous people. So, when news of Leonard Nimoy's death broke this morning, he had a fun little anecdote to tell me about the Star Trek actor and his favorite cell phone. » 2/27/15 3:08pm 2/27/15 3:08pm

The Motorola StarTAC is Back, in Yellow

French company Lekki is doing something fun in the cellphone world, where every month a vintage phone will be reissued in a bright new hue. This month it's 1996's Motorola StarTAC, which is available now for $150. [Lekki via RetroToGo] » 10/25/10 5:40am 10/25/10 5:40am

Motorola StarTAC III—It Still Has the Hinge Click!

Last month, Motorola announced a new StarTAC. Yes, they are bringing back the StarTAC—the same phone that started the revolution of clamshells. Above is a video preview of the phone, which is unfortunately in Korean, but it still gets the point across that this is a vintage and equally awesome phone. It has the… » 4/06/07 4:00pm 4/06/07 4:00pm

Motorola Bringing Back the StarTAC

Motorola's StarTAC was pretty revolutionary when it first came out, one of the first phone models to comfortably fit in one's pocket and look good doing it. Even by today's standards the 10 year-old-phone is still pretty damned small, and Moto has decided to revive the long-neglected brand with the new StarTAC III. » 2/27/07 10:31am 2/27/07 10:31am