This postcard took 44 years to reach its recipient because of the Stasi

In 1969, Günter Zettl was a 18-year-old student in Waren an der Müritz, a little town in East Germany. Zettl liked to listen to prohibited Western radio stations and one day he decided to participate in a music contest by sending a postcard. Unfortunately, the communist version of the NSA got it first. » 1/12/14 10:42pm 1/12/14 10:42pm

Retromodo: East German Cold War Spy Gadgets Make Us Paranoid

Reader John from the Cambridge University Press blog tips us off to these crazy East German police (Stasi) gadgets used during the cold war. Lots of these gadgets are what you'd expect cold war gadgets to be—spy gear covertly inserted into everyday objects—but others are for surveillance. One of them, a spy camera… » 4/14/08 6:00pm 4/14/08 6:00pm

Secret Stasi Files Reveal East German Army Had Porno Unit in '80s

A secret stash of porno movies made by the East German army during the Cold War has been discovered. During the '80s, an amateur film circle was set up in a barracks in Biesdorf, East Berlin, in order to provide blau movies for the army top brass as well as visiting dignitaries. Despite the politburo's… » 3/28/08 8:54am 3/28/08 8:54am