YouTube Stars Will Interview Obama After His State of the Union Address

Tweens! What are they thinking? What apps are they using? What drugs are they doing? Who are they voting for? Technically no one, because that's illegal—but Obama doesn't care. As with everything else in life, he just wants the tweens to like him. And to accomplish that, he's going to be interviewed by three… » 1/15/15 1:20pm 1/15/15 1:20pm

PS3 Owners Rock More HD Systems, Surround Sound Than Any Other Console

Nielsen's survey of the state of console gamer HD setups reveals nothing too shocking, though I suspect the numbers are slightly inflated since participants were from the top 20 U.S. markets, over 18 and played at least one hour a week, skewing it toward more affluent, older and less casual gamers. » 12/21/07 3:59pm 12/21/07 3:59pm

Network HDTV Quality Tested: GW's Babbling Tells Us The State of the…

The State of the Union address last night was a snoozer, but we HDTV gearheads had fun jumping between the networks, checking out which net was able to deliver the best HDTV signal from lens to screen. This was a notable occasion, because all the networks were using precisely the same feed—the same cameras, same… » 1/24/07 1:39pm 1/24/07 1:39pm