We Still Don't Know How Static Electricity Works

At some point in physics class, your teacher probably rubbed a balloon against his hair and explained static electricity. But what your teacher didn't tell you—the full story about static electricity—is that scientists are just now realizing it is a lot more complicated than thought. » 5/21/14 10:00am 5/21/14 10:00am

"It's Possible to Receive a Small and Quick Electrical Shock From Your…

From Apple's support pages, a warning about potential static electricity buildup in earbuds, in which Apple has been reduced to explaining basic physics to its customers. [via Crave UK] » 5/20/09 5:35am 5/20/09 5:35am

Olga and Victor's Wonderful Van der Graaf Levitation Toys

The aptly named "Fun Fly Stick" houses a mini Van der Graaf generator that produces enough static electricity to give shape to the levitating foil webbing. [Toy Fair 2009] » 2/16/09 9:00pm 2/16/09 9:00pm

Discharge Keychain Keeps Static Demons Away

You know the worst feeling in the world? When you know you are going to be shocked by the car door or light switch or whatever and there is nothing to do but accept it. Sometimes you try to touch the light switch quickly or fiercely, but it doesn't matter because the shock always hurts. This tiny device uses some kind… » 4/26/07 6:45pm 4/26/07 6:45pm

Flower Lamp: Blossoming With Good Ideas

The Flower Lamp was made with the goal in increase energy awareness. When household energy consumption has been low for a period of time, the lamp blooms - a reward for good eco behavior. » 12/10/06 3:00pm 12/10/06 3:00pm