Static Cling Sticky Notes That Stick Without the Sticky

Your standard Post-it note is a one-sided, single-use affair. You're free to flip it over and write on the back, of course, but then you can't actually stick it anywhere. The folks at EcoStatic Inc. figured they could do better, and they have, with a sticky note that relies on static electricity instead of adhesive to… »12/20/13 1:20pm12/20/13 1:20pm


This Electro-Powered Bulletin Board Holds Your Stuff Without Tacks or Tape

Borrowing technology from plotter-type printers, this Justick bulletin board uses electrical energy flowing across its surface to create Coulomb Forces that attract lightweight objects. And they don't have to be metal. Everything from documents, to fabrics, to even DVDs will stick without the need for tape,… »11/13/12 12:20pm11/13/12 12:20pm

Static Electricity Eliminator Neutralizes Your Shocking Winter Auras

Winter is almost here, and you know what that means? Shocking yourself with thousands of volts of electricity just by being you. But this Static Electricity Eliminator is here to help. Since there's enough power in those snapping shocks to zap your laptop into oblivion, this $9.99 keyfob discharges that… »11/29/07 10:10am11/29/07 10:10am