Superman's Action Comics' Cover Perfectly Recreated As a Springy Statue…

Factory Entertainment calls its line of spring-enhanced collectibles Motion Statues, but that's really just a fancy way to avoid calling them Bobbleheads and dodge a potential lawsuit. It's the same general idea, except that instead of a giant oversized head bouncing around, we have Superman lifting a car in a scene… » 3/18/15 4:20pm 3/18/15 4:20pm

This Imposing Quarter-Scale Vader Figure Stands Over Two-Feet Tall

One of the greatest bad guys in movie history deserves a figure that stands more than just six-inches tall. So Sideshow Collectibles has finally done Anakin Skywalker some justice with its upcoming quarter-scale Vader that's just over 26-inches tall. That's just about the size of a newborn infant, minus the dirty… » 3/10/15 10:01am 3/10/15 10:01am

This Company Wants To Sell You a Life-Size Hulkbuster Statue For $21,500

If you're looking for the ultimate Avengers: Age of Ultron collectible and Hot Toys' magnificent 1:6-scale Hulkbuster figure isn't doing it for you, Beast Kingdom Toys has something a little grander than might interest you. Its created a life-size version of Tony Stark's Hulkbuster armor and will happily sell it to… » 3/09/15 12:45pm 3/09/15 12:45pm

Skip the Gnomes and Put a Giant Charging Triceratops In Your Garden

Kids obviously love dinosaurs, but here's a secret: most adults do too. It's just that as you grow older it becomes less socially acceptable to wear T-rex PJs to bed. But that doesn't mean you can't indulge your dino love elsewhere. In fact, what garden wouldn't be instantly improved with a 20-foot long Triceratops » 12/30/14 11:26am 12/30/14 11:26am

Photographer transforms women into beautiful metallic statues [NSFW]

Italian Photographer Guido Argentini hired some dancers, gymnasts and aerialists, coated them in silver paint, and ended up with this beautiful collection of pictures that transform the girls into beautiful metallic statues. [NSFW] » 11/03/14 9:43pm 11/03/14 9:43pm

Boston Just Got a Spooky Edgar Allan Poe Statue

Nevermore will Boston's Edgar Allan Poe Square be without an Edgar Allen Poe statue. Artist Stefanie Rocknack's life-sized bronze tribute to Poe is now standing two blocks from the writer's birthplace. » 10/31/14 5:43pm 10/31/14 5:43pm

Google Street View Is Blurring the Faces of Ancient Gods

Ever notice how all the faces are blurred in Google Street View photos? That happens thanks to a privacy-enabling robot. But it's not a perfect robot. The Google Street View robot not only blurs the faces of humans but also of statues, despite the fact that statues have no notion of privacy. Makes you think, doesn't… » 9/22/14 5:45pm 9/22/14 5:45pm

X-Ray Reveals Real Human Teeth in 300-Year-Old Jesus Statue

During an otherwise routine restoration, researchers at Mexico's National Institute of Anthropology and History (NIAH) made an unprecedented discovery. As it turns out, the 18th century statue of Christ they'd been X-raying was fitted with actual, 100% human pearly whites—totally intact all the way to the roots. » 8/12/14 12:00pm 8/12/14 12:00pm

How a Slave Had to Build the Freedom Statue in Washington DC

The Statue of Freedom sitting atop the dome of the U.S. Capitol building in Washing D.C. has more alternate names than the obscure half of the Wu Tang Clan. Over the years, the names attributed to it have ranged from things like "Freedom Triumphant in War and Peace" to the far simpler, "Armed Freedom". However, the… » 5/29/14 5:40am 5/29/14 5:40am

The World's Wackiest Monuments, Chosen By You

When we asked you last week to send us the weirdest monuments in your neighborhood, you not only delivered, you quite frankly freaked us out. How do you people sleep at night knowing that a giant turtle-humping statue is just down the street? » 1/23/14 3:59pm 1/23/14 3:59pm

This Week in Time Capsules: Nikola Tesla Statue Rises in Silicon Valley

Our weekly round-up of time capsule news includes a group of kids in Ohio who sealed an Xbox into a capsule, the tragic story of a recently unearthed time capsule from 2003 that didn't fare too well, and a new Tesla monument in Silicon Valley that includes some predictions for the world of 2043. » 12/13/13 2:49pm 12/13/13 2:49pm

Check Out This Exclusive Look At the New Justice League Statue "The…

At Toy Fair 2013, DC's got all kinds of goodies ready to promote the upcoming film Man of Steel. And they're letting out just a little tease in the form of an exclusive image of the new, never-before-seen Justice League statue "The Kiss." Prices and availability for this and other upcoming statues have yet to be… » 2/10/13 3:00pm 2/10/13 3:00pm

Were the Giant Easter Island Statues Simply Walked To Where We Found…

Like the mystery of how the great pyramids in Egypt were built, no one's really sure how the giant Moia statues on Easter Island were transported to the platforms where they were later discovered. But researchers think they might have finally figured it out. » 6/23/12 9:00pm 6/23/12 9:00pm

Russia's Given London a Statue Of the First Man In Space

That first man being of course Yuri Gagarin, whose space adventures 50 years ago were celebrated this April. Russia's gift to the UK will stand on The Mall next to Admiralty Arch for a year, before moving elsewhere. [BBC] » 7/14/11 7:20am 7/14/11 7:20am

Fixing The Thinker With 3D Printing

In 2007, some goons looted a casting of Rodin's The Thinker (one of many castings that exist of the iconic piece) from the Singer Laren Museum in the Netherlands, intending to sell it as scrap metal. I'm not sure why you'd want to sell a multi-million dollar work of art as scrap metal, but hey, that's on them. Though… » 2/18/11 5:20pm 2/18/11 5:20pm

The Internet Just Bought Detroit a Robocop Statue

Step one: ask mayor to build Robocop statue in your city Step two: when he says no, create a Kickstarter page to raise the necessary $50,000 from the kind-hearted corners of the internet. Step three, succeed! Step four: Robocop. » 2/17/11 8:54am 2/17/11 8:54am

The World's Biggest Jesus Gets His Head

The world's largest Jesus statue now towers over Swiebodzin, Poland, measuring 170 feet tall from his feet to the tip of his crown. Watch his head get attached by a 700-ton crane; it's very spiritual and a little bit goofy. » 11/09/10 5:40pm 11/09/10 5:40pm

This Haunting Reef Is Made Out of (Fake) People

It might look a bit creepy, but British artist Jason de Caires Taylor's Mexican installation and reef conservation project is for a fine cause. Taylor has 350 statues in place—all cast from real people—that will eventually sprout coral. » 10/14/10 9:20pm 10/14/10 9:20pm

Man Builds Statues Out of Household Dust

When I see dust, I start cleaning like crazy. When Paul Hazelton sees dust, he collects it, and turns it into statues. Yes, this skeleton was really made out of a pile of dust bunnies, just like Hazelton's other art. » 12/13/09 12:20am 12/13/09 12:20am

Life-Size Bronze Atlas Holds the Weight of Apple Shareholders On His…

Greek Gods? More like geek Gods. That is a life-size statue of the ruler of Mount Olympus with the God of all phones. But don't worry sculptor Adam Reeder gives other large sculpted deities gadgets too. » 9/02/09 7:20pm 9/02/09 7:20pm