The Anatomy of Steak Cuts Explained in Two Minutes

If you've ever wondered what the difference between a Kansas City Strip and a Sirloin was, or where the hell the T in your T-bone came from, this video will help. » 11/13/14 7:00am 11/13/14 7:00am

10 delicious ways countries around the world cook their steaks

With my steaks, I prefer the unbeatable seasoning one-two punch of salt and pepper. And well, maybe some garlic if I'm feeling frisky. I just like the taste of red meat too much. But around the world? You'll get steaks seasoned and marinated with orange peel, lime zest, soy sauce, shrimp paste, sugar and much more. » 9/29/14 8:31pm 9/29/14 8:31pm

Science: It's better to cook a frozen steak than a thawed steak

This goes against what most people believe about cooking but America's Test Kitchen is saying that it's better to cook a steak that's frozen than to cook a steak after it's been thawed out. In side-by-side tests, the frozen steak was "hands down" better tasting than the thawed steak. » 8/12/14 12:10am 8/12/14 12:10am

How To Cook A Steak Over A Campfire

If there's any better feeling than that brought by throwing a steak on a campfire, we don't want to know what it is. Here's how to get your meat right every time. » 6/30/14 1:41pm 6/30/14 1:41pm

Steaklocker Could Let You Dry-Age Delicious Beef Chunks at Home

Dry-aged beef. It's a phrase that gets fancy steak-lovers' mouths all drooly. The magic dance of enzymes and moisture reduction creates out-of-this-world flavor and tenderness that, unless you've got restaurant-grade equipment, you can't recreate at home. Steaklocker wants to change that, with a device on Kickstarter » 6/17/14 10:40am 6/17/14 10:40am

Two simple, fool-proof methods to cook a steak to delicious perfection

Alton Brown gives you another fool-proof recipe to make something perfect and delicious: Grilled steak over coals. There's no way you can fail using his method—which will provide you with joy and happiness for the entire summer. » 6/04/14 6:57pm 6/04/14 6:57pm

Oracle v. Google Juror: 'Wanted Steak. Got Parsley'

Jury duty! The worst. Civic duty? Oh please. And since we can't avoid serving, it better be good. One unnamed juror from the high-profile Oracle v. Google case was described by Jury Foreman Greg Thompson, 52, as dissatisfied with Oracle uber-lawyer David Boies's attempts to prove Google had infringed on both its… » 5/25/12 2:30am 5/25/12 2:30am

Steak Specialists Discover a New Cut of Beef

Turns out that what happens in Vegas no longer stays in Vegas—and that's a good thing. A self-proclaimed Meat Geek has teamed up with Oklahoma State University to devise the first new style of steak in years. » 5/15/12 4:40pm 5/15/12 4:40pm

Meet the JMFB: Beef-Infused Rye, and a Whole Lot of Fire

How do you drink a man? You heard me. How do you find the gastronomic, alcoholic equivalents to a guy's personality, especially when the guy in question is Glorious Leader, Gizmodo Editor-In-Chief Joe Brown? » 5/04/12 5:04pm 5/04/12 5:04pm

Red Meat Is Responsible for One in Ten Early Deaths

Deep down, we all know that red meat isn't the healthiest thing to eat—but that doesn't stop us tearing into a bloody steak all too often. Sadly, new research suggests that red meat is behind one in ten early deaths, so it might actually be time to make a real effort to cut back. » 3/13/12 9:20am 3/13/12 9:20am

Microplane Easy Prep Tenderizer: Your Taste Buds Will Thank You

The staff over at Food Republic spend their days obsessing about all the delicious things that go into our stomach. So it makes sense they'd know what gadgets are best suited to the creation of good food. Today, they have steak on the brain... » 11/09/11 7:20pm 11/09/11 7:20pm

Morton's Steakhouse Met a Man at the Airport with a Steak After He…

Peter Shankman, an angel investor, was hungry right before he boarded his flight. So he fired off a tweet jokingly asking Morton's Steakhouse to meet him at the airport with a porterhouse steak when he landed. They did. » 8/19/11 9:29am 8/19/11 9:29am

You Are What You Eat Eats

There's no such thing anymore as just eating a steak. Was it grass fed? Did it have a hobby? Now, thanks to a group of Irish chemists, you'll never have to worry again about your Porterhouse's diet. Just your own. » 5/12/11 3:20pm 5/12/11 3:20pm

The Steak Thermometer for the Inattentive Chef

There are two activities every red-blooded American man loves: grilling steak and being lazy. The Steak Button Thermometer lets you indulge both of those rituals at once by keeping an eye on your meat so you don't have to. » 4/11/11 7:20pm 4/11/11 7:20pm

The Steak-Scented Billboard: Advertising's Stinking Future

A new Billboard on River Highway in North Carolina not only shows a gigantic piece of steak on an even more giant fork, but it actually pumps out the smell of steak for passing drivers to suffer through. Gross! » 6/02/10 7:20pm 6/02/10 7:20pm

SousVide Supreme Review: How To Cook From the Inside Out

Sous vide is French for cooking in a vacuum, placing sealed meat or veggies in water held at an exact temperature. Because this precision requires high technology, the method was solely for chefs—until the $450 SousVide Supreme arrived. » 2/01/10 3:20pm 2/01/10 3:20pm

Judge How Cooked Your Steak Is Based on Video Transmission

Noah Feehan looked at his raw steak one day and thought "What if I plug some composite video into that hunk o' meat?" So he did just that. Turns out that it lets him judge when the steak's perfectly cooked. » 11/18/09 12:00am 11/18/09 12:00am

Mythbusters Tests: Will Explosives Properly Tenderize a Steak?

Mythbusters returns for a whole new season tomorrow, August 6, and they were nice enough to drop a preview of their first episode off while they were on their way to blowing shit up. One of the experiments they're going to test is whether explosives can tenderize a steak as well as a traditional tenderizers. Can it?… » 8/05/08 6:20pm 8/05/08 6:20pm

A Steak Toaster. Did You Hear Me? I Said a Steak Toaster

Sometimes, you just want a steak and you don't want to go through a whole process to get it. Who wants to light the grill just so you can have one measly steak? Why make a whole production out of it? What you need, my friend, is a steak toaster. » 2/20/08 12:12pm 2/20/08 12:12pm

Cut Steak with a Laser and Make a Vegan Angel Lose its Wings

Knives are so passé—it's time for us to be able to make steak with a lightsaber. The guys over at Instructables have put together a tutorial on how to cut and make a delicious steak with a laser—or, more specifically, how to cut the words "PETA" out of a delicious steak with a laser and then cook the letters to… » 8/30/07 9:05pm 8/30/07 9:05pm