Steam Machines Are Back

When I heard Valve wanted to take over the living room, I didn't believe it. When the rumors came true, I didn't think it could be done. When Valve failed to deliver Steam Machines last fall, I felt vindicated. Now, a year later, it's happening. I've tried them. I'm about to eat my words. » 3/05/15 5:13pm 3/05/15 5:13pm

Turning the Alienware Alpha Into a Steam Machine

There's nothing quite like the Alienware Alpha. For just $500, it's a competent Windows gaming PC. But it should have been the flagship Steam Machine. The Alpha was designed to be a Linux game console with a gamepad good enough to replace a mouse and keyboard. As easy to use as PlayStation or Xbox, but with more… » 2/20/15 3:00pm 2/20/15 3:00pm

Where Are All The Steam Machines?

One year ago, at CES 2014, Valve introduced a new kind of gaming PC, a Linux game console with a gamepad designed to be good enough to replace a mouse and keyboard. 14 PC manufacturers were on board, each creating a Steam Machine in its own image. And then... crickets. What the heck happened? » 1/13/15 4:10pm 1/13/15 4:10pm

Valve's Crazy Steam Controller Is One Step Closer to Being Normal

Valve's Redesigned Steam Controller Looks a Little Less Bizarre

Back at Steam Dev Days, Valve announced it was giving up on the touchpad dreams for its Steam Controller. Now, we've got a render that shows exactly what the new older-school design will look like. Which is to say, just a liiittle less alien. [Engadget] » 3/14/14 4:14pm 3/14/14 4:14pm

Looks like Valve's wacky Steam Controller isn't ever going to get the touchscreen it was originally supposed to. Instead it'll have buttons like the beta does, forever. But maybe that's a better choice anyways. » 1/15/14 2:45pm 1/15/14 2:45pm

Valve's Controller Has Been Tested. Here Are Some Impressions. [UPDATE]

Game creators who have tried Valve's unusual new game controller tell Kotaku that the device holds a lot of promise. But make no mistake, they also say it feels pretty different from what we're used to. » 9/28/13 12:16pm 9/28/13 12:16pm