Datamancer Ergo Steampunk Keyboard Makes Writing Victorian Fanfics Slightly Less Uncomfortable

The original Datamancer Steampunk keyboard »11/05/08 6:40pm11/05/08 6:40pm was quite steampunky in its presentation, and VERY steampunky in its price ($1000 to $1500). In the second round, Datamancer decided to do away with the straight edges and make the keyboard both brassy and rounded, two changes that would make any piece of hardware…


Datamancer Steampunk Keyboard Reviewed (Verdict: Very IBM Clacky)

Uber steampunk connoisseur, DRM hater, typist, new father and NY Times Bestselling author Cory Doctorow just received his handmade steampunk keyboard from Datamancer and he loves it. He compares it to a "well-oiled manual" and those IBM clacky keyboards that half of you crazy old bastards seem to really enjoy using to… »6/11/08 3:10pm6/11/08 3:10pm