Neat video turns juggler into human black hole

This woman totally seems like she has harnessed the power of a black hole and can suck up all the light and everything around her. But it's just a nice little camera trick showing swinging burning steel wool in reverse. The light flies to her as she twists and turn but in reality, it's just being flung away. Still… » 1/09/15 10:16pm 1/09/15 10:16pm

64 Pieces of Proof That the World Is Ending: It's Raining Fire

What happens when you spin steel wool in the air? You can accidentally start a forest fire. Oh, and the photos turn out amazingly! » 2/21/12 2:00pm 2/21/12 2:00pm

Shooting Challenge: Steel Wool

You ever see a photo that looks like it's raining sparks? It was probably made through a trick with steel wool. And for this week's Shooting Challenge, you can try the technique yourself, BUT CAREFULLY, AND AT YOUR OWN RISK! » 2/15/12 5:00pm 2/15/12 5:00pm

A Burning Ring of Fire

Burning steel wool, a tripod, and a long exposure shot. That, and a canvas as haunting as the aurora borealis, are all it took for Tommy Eliassen to create this indelible ode to fire and light. [Telegraph UK; Image credit: Tommy Eliassen/solent] » 2/17/11 12:40pm 2/17/11 12:40pm

This Is What Happens When You Burn Steel Wool

It's so surprisingly fantastic and magical that I'm going to go buy steel wool and light it on fire right now. It's like having front row seats to an intergalactic light show. [Boing Boing] » 11/27/10 7:00pm 11/27/10 7:00pm