Someone's Finally Making A Gaming Laptop With A Mechanical Keyboard

There are a few key things that keep PC gamers tethered to their desks, one of them being the awesomeness of having the "click clack" of a quality mechanical keyboard punctuate their gameplay. Impressive as they may be, laptops haven't been able to replicate that experience...yet. MSI to the rescue! »10/30/14 6:21pm10/30/14 6:21pm

SteelSeries' New Keyboards Will Study Your Gaming Technique and Suggest Improved Layouts

SteelSeries released a couple of new keyboards at CES called the Apex and Apex Raw that are targeted at the gaming community with 22 macro buttons, advanced anti-ghosting hardware, and light-up keys with 16.8 million different colors. But what's particularly neat is the included analyzation software that promises to… »1/14/13 11:06am1/14/13 11:06am

SteelSeries World of Warcraft Mouse Destroys Orcs, Your Last Shreds of Dignity With 15 Buttons

SteelSeries' World of Warcraft MMO mouse is officially the most ridiculous gaming mouse I have ever seen. Designed with Blizzard just for WoW gamers »10/10/08 11:10am10/10/08 11:10am (just in time for Wrath of the Lich King), it has programmable buttons. You don't even have that many fingers. And it has flashing disco lights. In 16 million colors. Of…

Razer vs. SteelSeries PC Gaming Gear Battlemodo: Which One Made Me a Better Gamer?

Not to be a prick, but I'm a better gamer than probably 80 percent of you. At any given first-person shooter, I will probably kill you more than you kill me, and by a decent margin. The point is, I'm good—but I'm no pro. I've actually always been skeptical about "pro" gaming gear, and the sliver of an edge you might… »5/06/08 9:00pm5/06/08 9:00pm

SteelSeries 7G Pro Gaming Keyboard Built Like a Tank, Costs Almost as Much

Pro gaming gear maker SteelSeries was better known in a former life as Icemat, but they're moving forward under the steelier moniker to break into the mainstream US gaming market. Today they're launching their 7G pro gaming keyboard. It promises to "eliminate 'anti-ghosting'" by supporting as many simultaneous key… »5/05/08 12:20pm5/05/08 12:20pm