Ferrari-Crashing Gizmondo Head Sentenced to 18 Months in Prison

Stefan Eriksson, head of Gizmondo (the failed handheld gaming company who couldn't even plagiarize our name correctly), was sentenced to 1.5 years in prison for robbery, attempted blackmail and making illegal threats (which threats are legal?). » 7/11/09 8:30pm 7/11/09 8:30pm

Gizmondo's Ferrari-Crashing Exec Goes Free

In case you still cared about the Ferrari crashing, money embezzling, portable gaming device making Gizmondo exec, Stefan "Fat Stefan" Eriksson has just been set free from jail. If you're worried that he'll be back up to his old ways, driving around roads tearing cars in half, he's now awaiting transport to either… » 1/22/08 2:04pm 1/22/08 2:04pm

Dietrich of Gizmondo Ferrari Crash Fame Sentenced to 30 Days

Trevor Michael Karney, or the make-believe Dietrich of Gizmondo fame, has just been sentenced to 30 days in prison plus 3 years probation for giving false information to the popos. Bo Stefan Eriksson, the other man in the car at the time of the 162mph Ferrari Enzo crash, is still serving his 3-year prison… » 9/18/07 12:55pm 9/18/07 12:55pm

Gizmondo Exec Pleads Not Guilty: "Dietrich Did It!"

Here we go again. Bo "Stuckey" Stefan Eriksson is pleading not guilty to seven felony charges—including three counts of embezzlement, three counts of grand theft auto, and drunken driving. Dietrich is no longer a figure in the case. He must have returned to his glorious homeland, snickering into his wide, majestic… » 6/02/06 11:18am 6/02/06 11:18am