This Incredible Robotic Building Set Is Like Lego Come to Life

In today's toy-scape, robotic building sets have handily made the transition from fad to staple, and for good reason—they are awesome. But in a world where Lego Mindstorms reigns king, nothing has managed to combine function, universal appeal, and straight up fun quite like TinkerBots. This could be your kids'—and,… » 4/10/14 7:00am 4/10/14 7:00am

There May Not Actually Be A Shortage Of STEM Workers At All

It's pretty common knowledge that the U.S. isn't producing enough mathematicians, scientists and engineers to support demand in "STEM" fields. And reports come and go that other countries are facing similar shortages. But like all things that are definitely true, it's actually pretty complicated to prove that the… » 9/01/13 11:44am 9/01/13 11:44am

How the Internet Helps Deaf Science Students Create New Signs

How do you learn a concept if there is no word for it? That's a question people who are deaf and pursuing science often struggle with. The answer is not exactly easy, and involves a group effort across the non-hearing community. » 12/04/12 2:40pm 12/04/12 2:40pm

Scientists Clear Path to the Fountain of Eternal Youth

Researchers at Johns Hopkins have discovered an efficient and totally safe method to turn adult blood cells "all the way back to the way [they were] when that person was a 6-day-old embryo." The discovery could be the key to cure the incurable—from heart attacks to severed spinal cord to cancer—and open the door, some… » 8/23/12 2:00pm 8/23/12 2:00pm

According to the FDA, Your Stem Cells Are Now Drugs

In recent court filings, the Food and Drug Administration has asserted that stem cells—you know, the ones our bodies produce naturally—are in fact drugs and subject to its regulatory oversight. So does that make me a controlled substance? » 2/01/12 10:20pm 2/01/12 10:20pm

This Is the Smallest Race In the World

A group of crazy and wonderful scientists have organized the World Cell Race. 50 lab teams from all over the world sent their microscopic pilots to race against each other. The winner: a bone marrow stem cell line from Singapore. » 12/05/11 1:04pm 12/05/11 1:04pm