Evidence Shows Cancer Regrowth Is Driven By Cancer Stem Cells

While scientists increasingly understand the genetics of cancer, they've never been able to track how single cancerous cells form tumors in the body, or work out how tumors grow back seemingly from nowhere. New research, however, sheds some light on that problem—and suggests that tumors are fueled by cancer stem cells. » 8/02/12 9:00am 8/02/12 9:00am

Scientists Use Skin To Replace Brain Cells Destroyed By Parkinson's

Parkinson's is a horrible degenerative disorder of the central nervous system which is sadly incurable. But now a team of scientists from Johns Hopkins has been able to grow the brain cells which are usually destroyed by the disease from skin stem cells—and they're confident it will help them develop new treatments. » 7/18/12 8:36am 7/18/12 8:36am

Stem Cell Treatment For Blindness Works, and Is Safe

Stem cell research, while controversial, has always been touted as the future of disease treatment. There's more evidence to support that claim, as it turns out that stem cell treatment can help cure blindness. » 1/25/12 5:46am 1/25/12 5:46am

Surgeons Perform the World's First Synthetic Organ Transplant

For the first time in history, a patient has been implanted with a synthetic windpipe that was created using the patient's stem cells and a replica of his original windpipe. It's amazing even though it kinda looks like PVC piping » 7/07/11 4:40pm 7/07/11 4:40pm

Stem Cells Cure Blind Man

Click to viewTis the time to be amazed: A 38-year-old man has regained vision in his blind eye thanks to a new stem cell therapy. It won't cure all blind people, but it's a giant leap. Here's how it works. » 12/23/09 8:40pm 12/23/09 8:40pm

Your Great Great Great Grandkids Might Heal Like Wolverine

It sounds straight out of a comic book: Scientists have figured out a way to inject gene-carrying nanoparticles into stem cells in order to make wounds heal faster. I'd get my superheroine costume ready if the method wasn't potentially cancer-causing. » 10/09/09 12:30am 10/09/09 12:30am

What is Creative Zii Stemcell Computing? Your Guess is as Bad as Mine

A teaser for something called Zii was sent out by Creative, a company known for soundcards, mentioning the ambitious sounding and pretend terminology "stemcell computing". Updated 3:47pm: iTunes Competitor? » 12/26/08 1:45pm 12/26/08 1:45pm