Ionic Fridge Freshener Tries to Suck Up Stench

This Ionic Fridge Freshener looks to be the same size and shape as a garden-variety soda can, but it's festooned with evocative imagery, perhaps in an effort to convince you that it will actually get that horrible smell out of your refrigerator. What are you storing in there, anyway? Dead bodies? » 7/12/07 11:17am 7/12/07 11:17am

USB Aroma Joule: Whole Lotta Stinkin' Goin' On

Great strides are being made toward that Holy Grail of olfactory goodness: Smell-o-Vision. First we heard about a scent recorder, and we've seen various USB stenchers, but now here's the USB Aroma Joule, reacting to sound and spewing out appropriate odors for whatever music it hears. At the same time, it gives you a… » 9/05/06 11:57am 9/05/06 11:57am