John Hodgman explains the end of the world to you

John Hodgman is the world's foremost expert on all things canny and uncanny, and everything in between. And today marks the release of Ragnarok, his one-hour comedy special about the apocalypse, via Netflix. To celebrate, we talked to him about the meaning of apocalyptic stories, and why he doesn't love zombies. » 6/20/13 3:51pm 6/20/13 3:51pm

Stephen King Confuses Everyone with Pink Kindle 2 that Doesn't Exist

Here is the new Kindle 2 in pink, though it's only available in white. Apparently some marketing genius thought that putting a horridly painted, nonexistent Kindle on Stephen King's novella UR was really something clever. » 2/09/09 11:49am 2/09/09 11:49am