This Gene Lets Doping Athletes Pass Pee-in-the-Cup Steroid Tests

Some people are just naturally good at cheating. That is, they're born with a gene that allows them to take steroids, but pass traditional tests—without any of the designer masking agents that many athletes have turned to. And in a lot of leagues, that's as good as a license to dope your brains out. » 8/26/13 12:00pm 8/26/13 12:00pm

Sci-Fi Legend Arthur C. Clarke's 1986 Predictions for Future Baseball

In 1986, legendary science fiction author Arthur C. Clarke wrote a book that explored what the world might look like in the year 2019. Titled July 20, 2019: Life in the 21st Century, the book has predictions about everything from transportation to sex. But it's his predictions about sports of the future that may raise… » 7/23/13 4:03pm 7/23/13 4:03pm

Guy Tries to Buy Toy Poodles, Gets Fluffy, Steroid-Pumped Giant Ferrets…

Man's best friend doesn't come cheap these days, so you can imagine how excited a retired Argentinian man was to find double the companionship at a fraction of the cost: two adorable toy poodles—just itching to snuggle, crawl, and slobber all over you—for a mere $150. And by toy poodles, of course, we're referring to… » 4/08/13 2:40pm 4/08/13 2:40pm

What Are Steroids?

You might have a friend who has to take them for asthma. You might know someone else who denies taking them but has gotten crazy ripped really fast and angers easily. Famous athletes are denying or being caught with them in their blood stream seemingly every day—just yesterday, MLB slugger Ryan Braun successfully… » 2/24/12 11:00am 2/24/12 11:00am

What Is EPO?

Fresh allegations by Lance Armstrong's former teammate Tyler Hamilton are bad news for the man in yellow. Hamilton says Armstrong used EPO to train for the Tour de France. So what's EPO, and why is that a big deal? » 5/20/11 12:06pm 5/20/11 12:06pm

Tiger Blood Is Real, and It's In Singapore

Charlie Sheen! Tiger blood! Bi-winning! So many catchphrases we've culled from a man's terribly unfortunate public spiral into oblivion. But did you know that Tiger Blood is an actual thing? Not only that! It's a brand of anabolic steroids sold out of Singapore. Which, hey, appropriate! But sorry, anyone who was… » 3/08/11 3:40pm 3/08/11 3:40pm

Nike SPARQ Parachute Makes You Run Faster, Eventually

The Nike SPARQ Parachute is designed to create drag "to force athletes to push themselves harder to achieve speed" and look like a moron in Central Park. Why would I want more drag as I'm already dragging my feet to the coffee shop to have a cafe au lait, two croissants and one brioche with chocolate nuggets is beyond… » 1/31/08 11:50am 1/31/08 11:50am