Otto Suction Spy Speaker Lets You Hear Your Parents Argue

The Otto may look like one of those suction cup gadgets that turns any surface into a sound generating speaker, but it's actually more like a stethoscope than a speaker. If you latch it onto a window, a wall or a glass of ice water, you can hear "subtle tremors and vibrations." Because if you have to listen to your… » 1/29/08 12:50pm 1/29/08 12:50pm

Stethoscope Replacement Can Image Your Lungs in Seconds

Instead of having a doctor put one cold-ass stethoscope onto your back, Deep Breeze's Vibration Response Imaging system puts 42 cold-ass stethoscopes onto your back. By using acoustic vibrations, the machine—hooked up to a computer—can produce an image of your lungs in mere seconds. And if you calibrate it juuuust… » 8/08/07 1:50pm 8/08/07 1:50pm

Ultrasound Stethoscope for Docs on the Go

Regular stethoscopes are all well and good if you're working in a quiet country hospital where the only sounds audible are the quiet churning of some old Amish woman making butter on the front porch, but if you're out in the field and you need to hear someone's heartbeat it's a different story. Have you ever tried to… » 11/28/06 3:31pm 11/28/06 3:31pm