Ballmer Optimistic About Win 7, But Says Vista Is "Very Popular"

As you know, I sat down with Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer to chat about all of his projects this year. Windows 7 was obviously the biggie, so we talked about it and its less beloved predecessor. » 10/22/09 10:00pm 10/22/09 10:00pm

Ballmer on Zune: Sometimes You Get It Right The Third Time?

Microsoft boss Steve Ballmer defended notorious products like Windows Vista and Windows Mobile throughout our interview, but when it came to Zune, he did seem to admit that Zune HD nailed what previous Zunes simply couldn't. » 10/22/09 1:40pm 10/22/09 1:40pm

Ballmer on the Smartphone Race: "It Doesn't Matter What the Critics Say"

In this segment of my exclusive interview series with Microsoft boss Steve Ballmer, I brought up the sore subject of Windows Mobile 6.5. After defending it, he cited another product that did well but suffers mounting criticism: Nokia smartphones. » 10/22/09 10:00am 10/22/09 10:00am

Ballmer Talks Natal, Says Blu-ray Add-On for Xbox Coming

In the first segment of our exclusive Steve Ballmer interview series, the Microsoft CEO and I talk about Natal, the blurring of console generations, and the surprising assertion that "you'll be able to get" Blu-ray add-on drives for Xbox 360. » 10/22/09 12:00am 10/22/09 12:00am