Video: Stunning art made from simply carving one stick of wood

I don’t even know what to call this. Is it wood carving? Wood shaving? Art? Manipulating nature like no human has ever done before? Whatever it is, it’s beautiful. By carefully shaving the stick down, he can turn the wood into something so incredibly elaborate. It’s almost unbelievable. I mean, seriously, who knew a… »4/30/15 12:36pm4/30/15 12:36pm


iMono Flash Memory Card and SIM Reader: Pocket-Sized Polyglot

The multi-readers get smaller and smaller, and this iMono SIM card packs more versatility into a small form factor than we've seen yet. It handles a veritable alphabet soup of flash memory cards, including miniSD, all types of Memory Sticks, microSD, SD, MMC Card 4.0, MultiMedia Card, MultiMedia Card Plus, RS-MMC (MMC… »2/05/07 8:49am2/05/07 8:49am

Exclusive Grope: Pinnacle PCTV HD Pro Stick Transforms Laptops into HDTVs

We love us some HDTV, so when Pinnacle gave us a first-hand look at their new PCTV HD Pro Stick we were all over it. A smidgen thicker than your average thumb drive, the Pro Stick delivers free over-the-air HD programming straight to your PC via a USB connection. It comes with a portable antenna so you can use it… »10/17/06 8:51pm10/17/06 8:51pm