Microsoft Tells Hardware Manufacturers to Start Testing Windows 7 ASAP Or Face Sweat of Ballmer

Everyone knows how much of a bunglefart the "Certified for Windows Vista" sticker was in determining whether computers worked OK or completely lousily with Vista. Microsoft doesn't want to repeat this, which is why they're telling hardware manufacturers to start testing their products with Windows 7 as soon as the… »6/02/08 3:33pm6/02/08 3:33pm

Hello Kitty Privacy Sticker Hides Your Phone's Texts, Emails

Privacy screens make sense for laptops and PCs, devices with large screens that are used for extensive periods of time in open areas. The Sanrio "Hello Kitty Mail Peeping Block and Display Protect Sticker," or HKMPBDPS as I like to call it, makes less sense. Sure, it prevents people from reading your precious texts by… »8/01/07 9:47pm8/01/07 9:47pm