Navy "Batman Boat" Has Drug Runners Thinking They're Being Chased By UFOs

The Navy's 80-foot $6 million "Stiletto" with its Batman-esque twin m-shaped hull has been floating around as a prototype project for several years now, but it has suffered from budget cuts in the Defense Department. However, it appears that the Stiletto is starting to see some action in the war against drugs.… »9/19/08 5:40pm9/19/08 5:40pm

Sirius's Extremely Budget-y $40 InV2 Receiver and Other Bits From The Show

Did you know Sirius makes a $40 receiver called the InV2? Unfortunately, it won't work with docks, but you can't argue with that price. On top of that bit, you saw a lot of major gear today from Sirius's show—the new Stiletto 2, the Altec Lansing dock, the Polk dock, the Sportster 5 with color screen and the Backseat… »8/15/07 7:11pm8/15/07 7:11pm

Sirius Stiletto 100 Reviewed (Verdict: I am One Disappointed Fanboy)

Yep, folks. That is right. I have been talking up the Sirius Stiletto for months now and I am unfortunate to report that this device is not what it was cracked up to be. It is considerably less. The Stiletto is Sirius' answer to true, portable satellite radio. XM has had a similar device for the better part of this… »11/06/06 5:15pm11/06/06 5:15pm

Exclusive Zing WiFi Music Player Photos, Smaller than Stiletto

DEMO is a bust for hardware geeks, but we did catch a live Zing music player—you know that one that uses WiFi to download internet radio and Sirius. The nice lady showing it off told me that they weren't announcing anything right now, but gave us a little tour of the player, as well as a chance to see how it stacks up… »9/26/06 6:19pm9/26/06 6:19pm

SIRIUS Stiletto Preorders Suspended, Smells like Trouble

The SIRIUS Stiletto has been available for pre-order on many sites for a while now, but today in a shocking turn of events, SIRIUS has asked retailers to suspend pre-orders. At first thought you would think it is a supply issue, correct? Nope, not according to the initial sources checked. The folks over at Orbitcast… »9/08/06 7:13pm9/08/06 7:13pm