People Staring at Blank Television Screens

Be it in an ad, article, or product announcement, there's a good chance that—at some point—your eyes have darted over the discomforting image of a person gaily laughing and emphatically gesturing towards the cold, vacuous oblivion of a blank TV screen. And you probably didn't even notice it! But once you do, things… » 9/05/13 5:20pm 9/05/13 5:20pm

Real Stock Photography Is Just As Ridiculous As This Parody Video

We see overly specific, overwrought stock photography all the time. Like who ever decides that a picture of 'hot girl in business suit crying because she's trapped under cables' or 'guy in forest eating an ice cream cone while a bear lurks in the background' is necessary? Those pictures (or things like it) totally… » 10/04/12 7:20pm 10/04/12 7:20pm

Al Franken Endorsed By Stock Photography

It's always embarrassing for politicians when their supporters turn out to be stock photo models. Except when its done knowingly, like this genius pitch from Senator Al Franken. » 4/06/12 11:00pm 4/06/12 11:00pm

"Stocking" Is the New Best Stupid Internet Photo Fad

Planking? So earlier this year! Anyone can lie down on something. I do it every night on my bed. And I'm unconscious the whole time. But stocking—recreating the bizarre, hilarious world of stock photos—takes serious talent. » 8/19/11 6:20pm 8/19/11 6:20pm

The Furious Femme Fatales of Computer Stock Photography

Stock photography is inherently funny—stilted people in forced, goofy scenarios. Laughing! Spitting milk! Eating salad! But there's a bizarre subcategory of angry women grappling with broken computers. Really, really demeaningly angry women. » 2/08/11 5:20pm 2/08/11 5:20pm