iTam Tam iPod Dock Is Strangely Unique, Expensive

Close to 99% of all the iPod Docks we've ever seen look about the same. This iTam Tam looks nothing like those. Imagine making a dock that's shaped like a stool or a gong, and this is what you'd get. A concave cylindrical thing that's got a slot for an iPod/iPhone at the top. How does this sound? Who cares! At $570,… » 3/28/08 4:00pm 3/28/08 4:00pm

S(tool) Turns Garden Fork into Garden Chair

It's been a long summer day tending the garden and you need to sit down, but there is no chair in sight. If only you were using the S(tool), then you wouldn't have to worry about finding one. Designed by Langton Stead, the S(tool) is a bent wood handle with two garden forks on either side. All you have to do is shove… » 2/12/08 5:10pm 2/12/08 5:10pm