The Stops and Starts of Designing the Traffic Light (and Why You Should…

You might not realize it when you've been trapped behind the same red light for five minutes, but traffic lights, when they're timed and tuned correctly, are actually pretty good at making traffic move. Really. » 1/19/12 3:20pm 1/19/12 3:20pm

A Stoplight for the Progress Bar Generation

Progress bars aren't always accurate, but at least they're there, giving us hope, curing our angst, and mostly, diverting our attention from the fact that whatever it is, it isn't done. And soon, they will invade the meatspace. » 11/30/09 12:26pm 11/30/09 12:26pm

Chicago Street Lights May Scan for Car Insurance

Ticketing red light runners is standard practice in many big cities, but Chicago is considering doing one better and scanning every car going by for up to date insurance. » 3/18/09 11:10am 3/18/09 11:10am