No iTunes Gift Cards For Your $100 'Early iPhone Owners' Store Credit

We bought iPhones here on Day One, and were delighted to see the offer of a $100 store credit from Apple when the company cut the price of that product by $200. But there was a rude awaking here at the Giz when we ordered up some stuff and included a $25 iTunes gift card in the mix. It turns out that Apple is not… » 9/25/07 9:07am 9/25/07 9:07am

Disappearing $100 iPhone Store Credit: The Solution

Click to viewPutting aside any complaints about whether or not Apple should have given people that $100 gift certificate, we've been seeing reports of people getting a message that there's $0 balance left on their cards when they go and actually try and use the money. And by reports, we include myself, Jason Chen,… » 9/18/07 12:24pm 9/18/07 12:24pm

How to Claim Your $100 "Early iPhone Owner" Credit

Apple has released the magic three steps it'll take to snag your $100 in store credit, which can be redeemed either at retail locations or the online store. According to our intern Benny, the process actually is as easy as it sounds: Fill in your phone number and your iPhone's serial number; you'll get a text message… » 9/14/07 10:57am 9/14/07 10:57am

The $100 iPhone Rebate: The What and the Why

Steve Jobs and Apple announced the $100 Store Credit "rebate" for all iPhone owners that were eager enough to buy an iPhone when it first came out. The early adopters had enough faith in the company to buy early, even though it cost a good $500/$600. It's a great gesture, in theory, but let's analyze why they did this. » 9/06/07 5:45pm 9/06/07 5:45pm