WSJ: Amazon Is Opening a Brick-and-Mortar Store in Manhattan

Amazon, the cyber store that sells everything, plans to open its first physical store at 7 W 34th Street in Midtown Manhattan just in time for the holiday season. The experimental store will work as a mini-warehouse for some same day deliveries in New York. It'll surely serve as a nice little billboard, too. » 10/09/14 3:38pm 10/09/14 3:38pm

How Much of Your Shopping Is Done on Amazon?

If you live in a big city without a car, it's probably easier to just do all your shopping on Amazon. If you drive everywhere and have a Costco membership, it might make sense to do all your shopping there. If you drive sometimes but like getting packages, maybe you combine the best of both worlds? Whatever it is you… » 10/24/13 11:39pm 10/24/13 11:39pm

Smart Store Displays Trigger Product Demos When You Pick Something Up

A Japanese clothing retailer has installed new display racks in its store outfitted with a device called the DLabHook which promises to make decision making a little easier. When a customer removes an item from a rack, a promotional video is played providing more info on the product while it's demo'd by a model. » 12/10/12 8:43am 12/10/12 8:43am

Apple's New Palo Alto Store Might Be the Best Yet

Apple's retail spaces share a common design theme with the products they sell—focusing on minimalist accents and a clean, easy-to-navigate design (barring the swarming hordes of customers). The new "prototype" store under construction in Palo Alto promises to draw on the best ideas from Apple's decade in retail. » 12/23/11 2:40am 12/23/11 2:40am