Panasonic Introduces Strada CN-GP50U, Its First Portable GPS Navigator,

When Panasonic introduced its Strada in-dash GPS system, I was like, "Where's the portable, dudes?" Well, it's here. The $500 Strada CN-GP50U will have the usual premium features such as Navteq maps of US, Canada, PR and Mexico, an SD slot and Bluetooth for hands-free calling, but it will also have Voice Command for… » 10/30/07 1:07pm 10/30/07 1:07pm

Panasonic Keeps You on Track with its First GPS System

We're always getting lost, so the more in-car GPS systems we can choose from, the better. The Strada CN-NVD905U is Panasonic's first all-in-one system coupling a 7-inch touch-screen LCD with a generous 30GB hard drive and built-in DVD drive. It'll come pre-loaded with maps of North America and also support Sirius… » 11/09/06 3:50pm 11/09/06 3:50pm